A series of videos or motion graphics pieces that I have created over the last few years:
Cinematography: Abigail Evans / Music: Waving by Sniffle Party
A self-initiated project looking at capturing and representing nature.
Cinematography and Motion Graphics: Abigail Evans / Music: Synesthesia Pt. I - Jack Garratt
We were set the brief of creating a personal manifesto. Initially, I approached this from a word-based angle because I knew I need strong statements before trying to communicate those in a visual way. With those statements in mind I considered the medium and decided that a poster wouldn't convey the message of my manifesto accurately, especially with the motion I wanted to communicate, so I made a short film lasting 1:29 minutes. The clips were mainly captured previously and yet I found they resonated with the messages and the fact that they rang true fit with it being a personal manifesto.​​​​​​​
Cinematography and Motion Graphics: Abigail Evans / Music: Pelican by New Navy
A self-initiated project to explore creating a mood through video without the constant presence of words.​​​​​​​
Motion Graphics: Abigail Evans / Music: Waveform - Django Django
A piece inspired by a postcard sent through by Ravensbourne. The piece isolates elements of the original and responds by taking some of the existing ideas in new directions. Original postcard was created by Alice Uggles.
Cinematography, Motion Graphics
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